Introducing the BLU WILD X FRANCESCA PAGE Divine Feminine Bikini.

High performance. Sustainable. Empowering - the Divine Feminine Bikini invites you to be the sexy, powerful, fierce, smart, beautiful woman that you are, worn by all Divine Feminines of the world.

Women supporting women. Shark girl and ocean artist Francesca Page has teamed up with BLU to create wearable art, in a limited edition bikini collection, featuring her Divine Feminine painting. Only 200 bikinis will be available in this collection!

Francesca was inspired to paint Divine Feminine after spending time diving in Cocos Island, Costa Rica, where she was surrounded by schooling female scalloped hammerheads. Divine Feminine captures the true nature of these majestic creatures, illustrating a scene of pure magic and female energy.

"Every 60 seconds around 200 sharks are lost from the ocean due to human activities. My mission for the 200 Sharks project is to raise awareness about this incredible and vulnerable species before it is too late. Through this project I aim to increase awareness that sharks are not mindless killers but complex, intelligent beings who are more than just a set of jaws. For me, the power to take a blank canvas and turn it into a piece of art that can help move and captivate you, ignite afire within you, and transport you into a new world to meet new creatures is one of the most transformative experiences on this planet.  

The mission of my 200 Sharks project is to dive with, photograph and paint 200 different species of sharks. And then, through the power of art and storytelling, to bring you face-to-face with the ocean’s most iconic and misunderstood fish, the shark. Through my artwork I aim to provide a spotlight for these living dinosaurs, showcasing their intelligence, habits, adaptations, diversity, beauty, and personalities. With this project I am creating a body of work that takes my own personal diving encounters and uses this as a basis to fuel artwork that break down the negative stigma on sharks – turning fear into love. I believe education and connection is the key to unlocking the empathy door within our minds. Art holds the power to create feeling, passion, and ultimately change. Our world is a better place with sharks in it, and as an artist I feel it is my duty to be a voice for these silent creatures.

‘Manuelita Outside’ is one of the favourite dive sights at Cocos Island and is known for epic shark dives. Here I dived into the murky blue grey water where I hit a rocky volcanic wall covered in sea urchins, algae, barnacles and some hard corals. This dive had a crazy surge, the strongest I had experienced, and the swell pushed you up and down around 3-5 metres. In Cocos Island, you tend to find the wildest conditions bring the most life. At first the visibility was poor but as we slowly drifted around the craggy walls to shelter from the surge, the water started to clear and we settled down. I wedged my fins into some rocks to keep myself stable and the wait for hammerheads began. Scalloped Hammerheads are a very shy species, easily spooked compared to other sharks. If you want them to come close, keep your dive group in a tight formation, calm your breathing and don’t make any sudden movements. 5 or so minutes passed and out of the murky cobalt waters the mysterious and elegant hammerheads appeared, swimming in a distinct formation - a scene I had only experienced in documentaries and photos. I hovered speechless, eyes wide open in awe at the magical event happening In front of me, a school of 50 Hammerheads, all covered in mating scars, and all ready for a well deserved clean. Before I could blink, 3 cruised over my head, and suddenly I was surrounded. The contrast between the yellow and red cleaning fish, the grey of the sharks and the blue water behind was beautiful and something only your memory can truly capture.

I have tried to capture the true nature of these majestic creatures in my own diving memories to create the painting ‘Divine Feminine’. I have illustrated a scene of pure magic and female energy, which asks the viewer to imagine being one of the sharks in the Hammerhead orchestra. The sharks swim in an energetic trance as they move through the nutrient rich Pacific Ocean. Cocos Island is one of the few places on earth that you can witness this natural event. I have named this painting ‘Divine Feminine’ to celebrate female sharks in all their size and wonder. They have evolved to be bigger and better than the male sharks. And their ability to school in masse for pleasure and not for safety to me shows an intelligence we have only just begun to explore."

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