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We started making the products we wanted to see in the world and we did this with an uncompromising approach to sustainability.<\/p>", "text_size": 2, "text_columns": 1, "align_text": "text-left", "button_text": "", "button_url": "", "button_color": "btn--neutral", "button_style": "caps--link", "text_color": "text--neutral", "bg_color": "#ffffff" } } }, "block_order": [ "custom-content-1-0", "custom-content-1-1" ], "settings": { "height": "use_screen_one_half", "padding": true, "borders": false, "wrapper": false } }, "custom-content-2": { "type": "section-custom-content", "blocks": { "custom-content-2-0": { "type": "text", "settings": { "kicker": "Humble beginnings", "title": "", "text": "

Our story begins in a small shop with a small team. With nothing but passion and a dream our brand was born. <\/p>", "text_size": 2, "text_columns": 1, "align_text": "text-left", "button_text": "", "button_url": "", "button_color": "btn--neutral", "button_style": "caps--link", "text_color": "text--neutral", "bg_color": "#ffffff" } }, "custom-content-2-1": { "type": "video", "settings": { "video_link_bg": "", "object_position": "center-center", "bg_position": "center-center", "video_link": "", "popup_text": "", "kicker": "", "title": "", "richtext": "", "text_align": "align--middle-center", "text_color": "text--white", "overlay_opacity": 50, "overlay_color": "#000000", "link_text": "Our Pledge", "link": "shopify:\/\/pages\/faq", "button_color": "btn--white", "button_style": "btn--soft" } } }, "block_order": [ "custom-content-2-0", "custom-content-2-1" ], "settings": { "height": "use_screen_one_half", "padding": true, "borders": false, "wrapper": false } }, "16553900159de7e5c8": { "type": "section-hero", "settings": { "bg_position": "center-center", "height": "use_screen_one_fifth", "overlay_opacity": 15, "overlay_color": "#000", "kicker": "Introducing", "title": "Image banner", "richtext": "

This area is used to describe your store.<\/p>", "text_align": "align--middle-center", "text_color": "text--white", "link_text": "View products", "link": "", "button_color": "btn--white", "button_style": "btn" } }, "1655390012a02b2c2b": { "type": "section-newsletter", "settings": { "title": "Newsletter", "richtext": "

Join to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals.<\/p>", "bg": "palette--light bg--neutral" } } }, "order": [ "hero", "main", "165539001987e329ee", "custom-content-1", "custom-content-2", "16553900159de7e5c8", "1655390012a02b2c2b" ] }