Born out of a love for saltwater ecosystems, shaped by a desire to preserve nature, Blu Wild supports ocean conservation to protect our wild blue spaces. 

Supporting shark research

We believe that swimwear can give back too - our 2022 Ladyshark collection donates 10% of profits towards research on microplastic ingestion in pelagic (open-ocean) shark species. Crafted in premium recycled fabrics and fusing stunning shark prints and patterns, this collection is a tribute to our ocean's top predators - and the tiny plastic pieces that threaten them.


We proudly donate 25% of profits from our shimmer hammerhead collection to Saving The Blue. Inspired by photographer and Saving The Blue's co-founder, Annie Guttridge, this collection takes inspiration from her beautiful hammerhead shark photography. Saving The Blue is dedicated to restoring a variety of threatened shark species and connecting people to ocean wildlife.

    Keep our oceans clean and clear

    All workers deserve our respect

    We're here for the long-haul